4 Principles to Maximize Supply Chain Decarbonization


Developed through 15 years of experience working with large organizations on complex supply chain decarbonization.

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Scope 3 emissions are the biggest chunk of emissions for most companies—and the most opaque.

Access to scope 3 emissions data depends on external parties, like your suppliers, who may or may not have ever calculated their own emissions, let alone shared the data with a third party. If your company aims to achieve supply chain decarbonization, accurate, specific, and up-to-date supplier data is non-negotiable.

We’ve worked with large companies over the last 15 years to decarbonize their operations and complex supply chains. Through that work, we’ve learned that to thrive in the complexity and reduce your supply chain emissions effectively, there are four main principles you should follow. 

This eBook describes the four principles you need to follow to drive decarbonization in your supply chain. 

Download the eBook